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10 Best tips for your pilgrimage

10 Best tips for your pilgrimage

When organizing your trip make a plan but be flexible

To find the cheapest air fare you must be flexible. Choose a different airport from your arrival and departure to save time. Check carefully the ferry schedule, some islands are just facing each other but that doesn't mean that there are connections. Choose only routes that have frequent  connections.

Expect the unexpected

In a pilgrimage the journey is interesting as the destination itself. It's not only the place you visit but the people you will meet

Travel light

For your comfort travel light, prepare your luggage within your mind to dress in layer.

When you arrive, go to the supermarket and find detergent in mini doses for your convenience. In some islands you can find public washing machines, but sometimes you just need to wash a few pieces and you can do it in your hotel. Greece has plenty of sun and breeze to make it dry quickly.

Evenings and ferries dresses

Keep in mind that even if the day is hot during the evening it might be cooler. Same can be said about travelling at sea. Make sure you have something warm with you.

Church dress code.

Make sure you have the right clothes for your visit at churches and monasteries. In general men should have long trousers and a shirt with long sleeves or at least shoulder covering. 

Women must wear skirts, shirts with long sleeves and might be required to cover their head.

This is a conservative way to dress at church that fit any situation. 


Try the local cuisine, follow the orthodox calendar for fasting days.

Prayer Rope

Bring with you your private prayer rope. Buy a handmade komboskini in Patmos at the Christian gift shop, it can be made based on your request but always following the tradition.


Take notes of your daily experience so you can bring memories back home in a deeper and better way.

Churches and Monasteries

Discover the many churches and monasteries in the island beyond the most visited. Some chapels are always open and very intimate for your personal prayer

Agiou Pnevmatou, Holy Spirit Church in Skala is always open. St. Michael church in Skala is often open. St. Barbara on the way to Chora is open.

St. John Rosary

If you belong to the catholic denomination discover the rosary of St. John

Five meditation based on the life of Saint John the Evangelist and Patmos.

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