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Saint Christodulos

Saint Christodulos

St. Christodoulos, Agios Christodoulos in Greek, was born in Asia Minor in the 11th century. He became a hermit there and then moved to the palestinian desert.

When he settled in Kos island near Pyli village he met his spiritual father with whom he wished to re-establish monastic tradition in the island of Patmos. St. Paul of Tarso also visited Pyli.

Having received permission from the emperor of the Byzantine Empire Alexius Komnenos to do that and with his financial help he moved to Patmos and built the monastery over an ancient basilica that was built over a temple of Artemis.

The monastery was built like a fortress to protect it from the attack of the Saracens.

In early 1093 a raid push the monks to escape to Evia island where St. Christodoulos will repose in the Lord

A few years later the monks were able to come back to Patmos and bring back the relics of the incorrupt body of St. Christodoulos with them.

St. Christodoulos of Patmos is referred to as wonderworker for the many miracles he performed during his life till now.

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