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Apocalypse Cave in the Holy island of Patmos

Apocalypse Cave in the Holy island of Patmos

The reason you are in Patmos is to visit and pray in the place where the Apostle received the Revelation.

The place is unique, simple and mystical.

The cave itself is small and the entrance is from the chapel of St. Anne which was added later.

In front of you, you will see the iconostasi typical of every orthodox Church. In the corner with a barrier is the place where the Apostle sat and pray. Next to hit the silver frame is where he would help himself standing to support his hand.

On top of the barrier next to the iconostasi on the stone side you will notice a cross.

Where is located the Gospel is where the disciple Saint Prochoros wrote the Revelation dictated by St. John the Evangelist.

In the iconostasi there is the icon of Apocalypse with st. John on the floor and God on top with the angels. Next to it there is the icon with St. Christodoulos founder of the monastery in Chora.

Opposite there is the Mother of God with the Apostle. Under it there is the icon with St. John telling st. Prochoros about the Revelation.

If you move forward the chapel of St. Anne you will see a silver box with the holy relic of St. Makario.

If you look at the roof of the cave you will noticed that the stone has been broken in 3 pieces sign of the Holy Trinity and by tradition is from where the voice of God was heard.

The chapel of St. Anne is nicely decorated with a classical iconostasi.

The monastery of the cave of St. John is open in the morning year around. Some days might be close like at the beginning of Lent to give time to the monks to prepare correctly.

During the tourist season it open 3 times a week in the afternoon to accomodate cruiseship groups. Exeptional opening take place if a major cruise call at Patmos.

The entrance to the cave is from the lower gate of the monastery, a ticket is required to have access.

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