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Christian Orthodox Easter

Christian Orthodox Easter

For Christian Orthodox Easter is the most important celebration. Everywhere is a very special time.

In Patmos the island become very busy with pilgrims coming from all over Greece and overseas.

Easter celebration start on Maundy Thursday morning in the main square in Chora next to the municipality. The Abbot of the monastery will wash the feets of the monks.

Good friday evening is in Skala with the Epitaph procession.

Saturday late evening around 23:00/11pm celebrations will starts in every village with the most important part when the clock strike midnight the priest will start the

Christos Anesti song and lightening all candles that people will bring it home.

Sunday will be a day of celebration with family and in the afternoon the Gospel with be read in many languages.

Keep in mind that wednesday ferry will be full as much as the way back on Monday to Athens. You must buy ticket in advances.

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