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Christian Orthodox Clergy

Christian Orthodox Clergy

Orthodox clergy have a more simple structure comparated to other denominations.

Christian Orthodox clergy is devided in three: Bishops, priests, deacons and their categories.

Bishop includes: archbishops, metropolitans and patriarchs.

Priests includes:.archpriests, protopresbyters, hieromonks and archimandrites.

Deacons includes: hierodeacons, archdeacons and protodeacons.

Hermits are lay people Anchorite are monk that lives as hermits.

Hesychasm is a way of living seeking union with God with never ending prayers. An hesychast live in contemplation and mysticism. The Jesus prayer is the base of it.

There are no congragation similar to the catholic church like franciscan, dominican etc...

A married man can become a priest but not a monk. A priest cannot marry.

For women in the orthodox church they can become a nun later an Abbess.

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