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Pilgrimage in the Dodecanese region

Pilgrimage in the Dodecanese region

Patmos is the most important pilgrimage destination in the Dodecanese region.

Second is the St. Michael Archangel monastery in Panormitis, island of Symi, in the picture.From the main town of the island you must go on the opposite side of the island with your own transport by local bus.Daily excursions from Rhodes island are organized.
The monastery of Panormitis is one of the 7 churches of St. Michael on the line from Ireland to Jerusalem.

In the island of Rhodes there are severals interesting pilgrimage points. St. Paul bay in Lindos where by tradition passed by.Panagia Tsambika on the way of Lindos as well of the Monastery of St. Michael in Thari.

The old churches of old town, including Agio Phanourios. Filerimos monastery, Panagia Skiadeni monastery, Church of Lindos with all frescos.

Panagia Tou Xarou in the island of Lipsi.

Panagia Spialiani in the island of Nisyros.

St. Savvas in the island of Kalymnos.

In the holy bible is written that St. Paul arrived in Kos but no one knows exactly where he went, we only know he was in Pyli.

In Kos town and Rhodes town there are catholic churches with services in summer.

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