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Add Patmos to your St. Paul Steps pilgrimage

Add Patmos to your St. Paul Steps pilgrimage

Saint Paul has been travelling various times in Greece. Pilgrims from all over the world come to Greece to follow St. Paul steps

From Corinthos to Philippi, Veria, Thessaloniki, Athens, Kavala, Rhodes and more. If you like to have more details about St. Paul steps please visit this website.

Matching Patmos the island of Apocalypse with Saint Paul steps its a great way to make your pilgrimage tour even more rewarding with memories you will keep it all your life.

St. John the Beloved, St. Paul, St. Andrew and St. Luke are the disciple of Jesus Christ that have travelled to and via Greece

St. Andrew was martyred in Patra and St. Luke in Thebe also spelled Thiva in central Greece.

St. Paul and St. Peter were martyred in Rome, Italy.

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