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Useful information

How to get to Patmos

Patmos is connected with other islands in the Dodecanese, North Aegean and Cyclades depending on the season. Blue Star Ferries operate year around weekly departures Athens Piraeus Port - Patmos - Kos - Rhodes.

Dodekanisos Seaways catamaran lines operated from Rhodes to Patmos with extension to Samos Pythagorio port during the tourist season via Symi, Kos, Kalymnos, Leros, Lipsi.

ANE Kalymnou operate between Kalymnos and Samos Pythagorio Port via Leros, Lipsi and onward to Arki, Agathonissi.

Anna Express operate between Kalymnos Myrthos po.rt and Samos via various island.

Patmos has no airport. The nearest international airport is Kos, Samos, Rhodes, Athens. Please make sure when booking your flight to check boat connection. Due to weather conditions services may be cancelled. Best solution is Kos Airport and Athens airport

Patmos for all seasons

Patmos is a pilgrim destination year around. The following consideration must be made. The island is 34 square km and has a population of 3000 people. In summer season peak up to 30'000 people can be in the island. This people come for the sun, beaches and food. Many of them don't even know and are not interested to discover the cave of Apocalypse.

From March to November cruiseship call at Patmos for a few hours or all day and escorted tours are organized for them with visit to the Monastery of St. John in Chora and the Apocalypse cave. If you are in the island for a pilgrimage you could plan this day to visit other important religious sites. There are other churches and monastery where cruiseship travellers don't visit.

Summer is very busy but most people visiting the island come to enjoy the food and beaches. However can be offensive to see people visiting in holy sites with a beach dress code.

Mid season are best time to visit as weather is usually good and temperatures are not so hot like in summer.

From April to June and from September to November is a great time to visit.

Keep in mind that in case of rough weather ferries do not operate. Always plan your pilgrimage with some days free from where you will fly again.

Winter is cold, windy and wet. Many hotels, restaurants and shop are close. Patmos become kind of a hermitage island. Ferries services are cancelled more often. Monasteries only open in the morning. Bue service is limited on the morning. Suspended as well for bus revision.

Eating in Patmos following the Christian Orthodox Fasting Calendar

During your pilgrimage you might be more careful on your food selection following the Christian Orthodox fasting diet. Patmos has from the pita gyro take away service to fine restaurants.

Christian Orthodox have various fasting periods. Fasting can include avoiding meat, oil,eggs, diary products and fish. Wines and alcohol not permitted.

On non fasting days all food is permitted. There is no unclean food for Christians.

Wednesdays and Fridays are always strict fasting.

Lent period and the week before Lent start.

Feast of the Apostles Fast. Two weeks before St. Peter and Paul on June 29th.

Dormition of the Mother fo God on August 15th. Strict fast for two weeks.

Christmas Fasting during the advent period.

Elderly, sick people, pregnant women, kids are not required to fast. Please always follow your Gerona and/or Spirutal Father advise.

Getting around Patmos island

The best way to get around Patmos island is to rent a car, scooter, quad from the many companies offering this service.

This will give you all the freedom you need to visit all important pilgrimage sites from the Apocalypse Cave to the church of Panagia Geranou at the end of the island or Profitis Ilias hermitage the highest point of the island for romantic sunset.

KTEL Patmos bus public transportation connect Skala where the port and major activities are located (banks, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, customos, travel agents for ferry tickets, etc...) to Chora via Apocalypse Cave. Skala to the village of Kampos. In summer the line connect Skala to Chora via Grikos a fishing village with beautiful beaches and the Petra rock from where St. John left the island of Patmos back to Ephesus. Schedules available in the bus and at bus stop station. Bus station next to the port.

Patmos Beaches

Being an island Patmos has some nice beaches and little coves to discover. To visit the largest number of beaches you must rent a car or something to have the freedom to move around the island.

In Skala the Theologo Beach between the port and the New Marina is very popular. Miloi 2 km away is another good option. Both have tavernas near by.

By bus from Skala you can go to Kampos and from there to Kampos beach

From Skala to Grikos and then to Petra rock and the beach.

All other beaches need your own transport. In summer a fisherman boat go from Skala to Psili Ammos beach.

The islands of Arki and Lipsi have beautiful beaches with the possibility to travel there for the day.

Where to sleep

Patmos has for villages Skala, Chora, Kampos and Grikos. From May to September you can find accomodations everywhere. Book direclty or via major hospitality websites.

Off season is better to stay in Skala. Less hotels are open. In Skala is where the port is located as well supermarkets, banks, bus main station, rent a car offices, restaurants open year around.

Please note many ferries leaves Athens Piraeus port early evening arriving around 03:00 am the following day in Patmos island. You must book the entire night! If you arrive on 22 at 03:00 am you must book the night from 21 to 22!

Check out is before midday but most ferries to Athens will departure around midnight. If you wish to keep the room you must add one night.

Employee of the hotel booked will come to pick you up at the port if you arrange it in advance.

In Patmos you will find a choice of hotels, tourist apartments, BnB apartments, camping and rooms to rent.

There is something for every budget!

Where is Patmos?

The Holy Island of Patmos is the northern island of the Dodecanese archipelago. Between Samos and Kos to give a sense to the international pilgrims and travellers.

There is no airport. Nearest international is Kos, Rhodes and Athens.

Ferries operated weekly connections to Athens Piraeus port and other Dodecanse islands.

On a clear day from Patmos you can see the following islands, however due to ferries connection it could take forever to get there. The islands are: Ikaria, Fourni, Samos, Lipsi, Arki, Leros, Kalymnos, Naxos.